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Canadian armY

Data Analytics Training.

Can you see through the data and figure out what’s really going on?


A digitized future for the CAF

We have entered a new era where Army activities are more dependent on actions taken in the digital domain than ever before...Increasingly, those organizations that find innovative ways to digitally empower their people will be the ones who secure for themselves future mission success. The Canadian Army will be among this cohort.

Cognitive Aptitude Profiling

Using aptitude profiling is helping the CAF understand the current workforce potential for digital upskilling. Whilst you completed this type of assessment on enlistment; a more recent profile is providing great data to Train, Develop and Grow the CAF workforce.

Can you see through the data and figure out what’s really going on?

Find out if you what it takes to be a Data Analyst in the Canadian Army, come take our testing.

What to expect in the bootcamp.


Data Foundations

The first in a three part series, this course provides students with a foundational knowledge of dealing with data.


Data Analysis with Excel

The second in a three part series, this course will provide you with the core skills required to transform unprocessed data into insights that can enable decision making.


Data Visualisation with Power BI

This course empowers students with the core skills required to visualise data into insights that can enable decision making.


Low stress

4 Weeks to certify, Flexible training times, and Laptop provided.


See if you’re suitable

Complete your WYWM profile and see your suitability for training.


Solve real-world problems

Find a project at your unit where data can help. Solve that problem post training.

Hear what others have to say


Want to know more?

Frequently asked questions.

How do I obtain approval?
Complete the online application by hitting the apply now button. Ask your direct chain of command for permission to attend the desired Session dates for 4 weeks of data analytics training.
Where is your data held and why?
Your data is stored within WYWM's cloud infrastructure. The WYWM platform was approved for use by Shared Services Canada (SSC) and made available for call-up by Government of Canada Departments.  This infrastructure complies with Government of Canada security and data policies. In combination with WYWM's airtight security mesures you will have access to your testing, training and profile results securely from anywhere in the world.
What if I cannot make one of the open Sessions?
Express interest in the program and complete your profile as more Sessions will be releasedlater in the year. If you wish to undertake the training through individual self-directed learning.You can request this option.
What is involved in the data analytics course?
Details on the data analytics course are at this link - its most basic, the course teaches fundamentals around data and enables the user to master Excel, Power BI, SQL, and Tableau. It will empower users with the skills to operate in the data environment and generate outputs like interactive dashboards and visualizations. It is the skillset the Defence Intelligence Enterprise needs in our IntOps of the future to make data accessible, discoverable, and usable for analysis and decision making.
What are the capstone projects?
Capstone 1 will be a WYWM guided event that seeks to apply skills gained on the Data Analyst course. It will focus on collaborating in teams to build a data pipeline from source through data to visualisation and deliver an analytics solution to a key stakeholder. The summative Capstone will be an accelerator to skills gained on the Data Analyst Course. It will focus on An automated Intel collation system that used a data pipeline built in Azure and an in-clearence/out-clearence problem
Are the classes online or face to face?
The courses, bootcamps, and capstone projects are all online. The majority of your training will be self-paced. The bootcamps and capstone will be guided by WYWM coaches

Instructor led virtual training. No experience required.

“DND is modernizing. We are enhancing our data analytics to better drive evidence-based decision making. We will implement data governance and data quality frameworks and use them to steward our data. "

The Honourable Harjit S. Sajjan, PC, OMM, MSM, CD, MP Minister of National Defence